Slaughterpriest Painting Challenge Complete

Hi all.

Today I bring a post with pictures of mine and Zebulon's finished slaughterpriest models. As always we'll put a poll up for a week and at the end of that see who you, the reader, have chosen as the winner.

                        Blackmane's Slaughterpriest        Zebulon's Slaughterpriest 

So there are the two entiries. More pictures after the jump.
Up first my (Blackmane) Slaughterpriest.

Zebulon's Slaughterpriest 

So there we go. Both Slaugterpriests finished to the best we could achieve. Now its up to you to vote for which you think is best. Poll's are open from now until Wednesday 28th of September at 22.00. We'll post the winner when the polls close. Thanks for voting.

That's all for today. Thanks for taking the time to have a look.


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