Slaughter Priest Painting Challenge Results

Hi all.

So here are the results of the Slaughter Priest Painting Challenge. 

Results after the jump.

Blackmane's Slaughter Priest: 4 votes. 

Zebulon's Slaughter Priest: 1 vote. 

So there we are. The winner of the this painting challenge is me (Blackmane). 

Thanks to every one who voted.

On a side note I'd like to encourage people to check out the Words and Witchcraft blog that now has a link on the side of our blog (you can't miss it). It's a blog that has only just been started by my girlfriend as a place for her to put out stories, etc, that she has/will write as she has ambitions to be a writer and felt this would be a good way to see if peole are interested in the kind of things she wants to write.

Well that's all for today. Thanks for having a look.


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