Dark Eldar: Painting the Blazing Sun

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If you read my post yesterday, Dark Eldar: My First Raider, then I said I would be posting something today and this is it. Zebulon has been trying to get me to post a painting guide for ages and suggested I do one on my Space Wolves and then that changed to Dark Eldar (he still wants a space wold one up too!). So today I bring a painting article and seen as I recently completed my first Raider that is the subject of the painting guide. Though the principles remain the same for the kabalite warriors.

So lets get to it.

Stage 1

Armour Plates: Basecoat is Scab Red. You want the lines to be fairly wide to allow for the later layers but not too wide. (see above picture for an idea). This colour is also used on the sail, blades, rudder and gun shield.

Deck Plating: Basecoat for the deck plating and the engines is Tin Bitz. Also the plank that extends form the raider is also done using this colour (except the end bit you see on the hull)
Engines: The engines are basecoated with Tin Bitz.

Sail: Painted in mostly the same way as the armour plates. The actual sail material is basecoated with Necron Abyss.

Metal Work: Things like the chains on the side, the blades on the bottom and rudder, the poles (with or without skulls),  the hooks for the splinter rifles and the large chamber above the trigger of the splinter rifle are basecoated with Boltgun metal.

 Stage 2

Armour Plates:The second stage of the armour is a 50/50 mix of Scab Red and Blazing Orange. When this is placed you want to cover up about 2/3 to 3/4 of the basecolour. Again this colour is also used on the sail, blades, rudder and gun shield.

Deck Plating: The second step here is a drybrush of Boltgun Metal.  Do the same on the plank that extends form the raider. The aim here was to create a look of worn metal so drybrush more heavily on area's where the deck plating would have been worn away with people walking on it. Thats the final stage for the Deck Plating.

Engine: Drybrush with Boltgun Metal with the colour concentrated towards the edges, and leaving about half of the Tin Bitz showing through on the rest. Thats the final stage for the Engines.

Sail: Same as the armour plates. The sail material is was now gone over with a 50/50 highlight of Necron Abyss and Shadow Grey. Cover the whole sail but leave a thin line of the Necron Abyss showing where the sail material touches the sail arms.

Metal Work: Wash the metal areas with a Badab Black wash. Be careful not to get this on the red/orange area's. This is most likely to happen on the rudder and the blades on the bottom.

Stage 3

Armour Plates:The third stage of the armour is pure Blazing Orange. When this is placed you want to cover up about 1/2 of the previous colour. Again this colour is also used on the sail, blades, rudder and gun shield. This is the last stage for the Armour Plates.

Sail: Same as the armour plates. There are no further highlights on the sail however anothe rhighlight could be done by adding more shadow grey into the previous mix if desired.
Metal Work: The last stage of the metal work are some highlights using Chainmail.

Stage 4: Final Details
Gold Area's: The point at the end of the bottom sail arm, the bar the sail slides on, the ends of the gang planks, the symbol on the ram, the barrel on the splinter rifles (the bit thats 'inside', not the casing), the trigger area of the splinter rifle, the end of the should rest on the splinter rifle and the little spikes on the sail. Basecoat is Brazen Brass. Washed with Ogryn Flesh and then when thats dry a highlight with Shining Gold.

Bone Area's: The spikes along the side of the hull, skulls (on the sides or on the poles), the little spikes on the ram. Basecoat is Graveyard Earth. Washed with Devlan Mud. First highlight with Kommando Khaki and then a final highlight with Bleached Bone (this is the same method I use on alll my more recent Space Wolf models).

Console Buttons: Basecoat is Regal Blue. First highlight with Ultarmarine Blue which covers about half of the buttons and a second highlight with Ice Blue which covers half of the previous highlight. Then place a small dot of skull white in the opposite corner to make it look liek a gem, glass, etc.

Blazing Sun Symbol: Painted using the same colours as the Armour Plating. I start with a circle. Once I'm happy with that I the four triangles at the top bottom and sides. I then add the four small streaks between the triangles. I paint these from the point furthest away and go towards the circle. This way I get a fading effect on the basecolour that sets the basis for the next stages.The first highlight goes around the edges of the circle and along the edges of the triangles. A small amount of the first highlight is placed on the streaks agian from going from furthest away towards the circle but stopping about halfway along. The third and final highlight goes around the edge of the circle again. On the triangles it only goes half way down from the point and on the streaks its just at the end. Thsi way it gives the impressions that they have 'exploded' from the star.

Well thats the end of painting guide. I hope there was enough information in there should anyone choose to replicate the colour scheme or maybe just to use the parts thta they like. If there are any questions please feel free to ask in th comments section and I will do my best to answer them for you.

As always thanks for reading.


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