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The Skaven Invasion: Painting Queek Headtaker Part 3

So here is part 3 of my guide to how I did Queek, and this pretty much finishes him off as a character, thought I will do the trophy rack and post that. Anyway....

a) This was done by first dry brushing the mail with Tin Bitz
b) Devlyn Mud wash
c) Another drybrush of 1:1 Tin Bitz and Dwarf Bronze on the raised areas/fold etc...
d) Finally a light dry brush of Dwarf Bronze

Chainmail Cloth
a) A simple coat of Shadow Grey
b) Badab Black wash
c) Reset the Shadow Grey leaving the darker colour in the recesses, and a fine highlight of shadow grey on the edges of the cloth.

a) Bestial Brown coat
b) 2:1 Bestial Brown : Bleached Bone as a total undercoat
c) 1:1 Bestial Brown : Bleached Bone coat, leaving the darker colour in the recesses
d) Bleached Bone on the larger areas, leaving the darker colours in the recesses
e) Free hand was Chaos Black painted directly on.

Both were:
a) Boltgun Metal
b) Heavy Badab Black wash, to the point where the metal was almost Black itself
c) Chainmail Silver stippled/dry brushed onto the beveled areas
d) Mithril Silver applied in SMALL quantities to the sharpest areas
e) Detailing was all done in gold
f) The both weapons were given a total wash of 2:1 wash of Ultramarines Blue and Goblin Green (Hawk Turquoise would work just as well)
g) Wood was Scorched brown drybrushed with 50:50 Scorched Brown: Tau Sept Ochre

Rats were painted Scorched Brown, Bestial Brown, Chaos Black and 2:1 Chaos Black: Skull White, eyes dotted red, tails were Dwarf Flesh washed in Devlyn Mud. Still need to highlight them.

Well that is part 3 of how to paint Queek, I will post the trophy rack, rat detailing and warp stone in Part 4. If anyone would like to drop me a message as to what they think of my method, it is always welcome. Well having now aquired the Skaven army book, and the Rule Book winging its way to me as we speak, it's time to drive the Dwarves from their holds!


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