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The Joy Of Ebay

Well, this last couple of weeks has been a good one for me, am settling into the swing of painting Queek, have some cool ideas for my Ultramarines and I've had a run of good luck on Ebay.

For my Skaven I'm going with the stuff I think looks cool and then I'll think of an army list later, first up is the IoB Skaven Engineer for £2.45 incl free postage, so cheap I couldn't say no. Then I spotted the IoB Warpfire Thrower for £3.45 incl free postage, again I couldn't say no, it was the little burning rat that sold me on this one, encapsulating the Skaven type mentality of thing back firing on you half the time!

Next up we have what is apparently a limited edition Apothecary from Games Day '98 ( for £5.70 incl postage, with the release of the Forge World Rules for a Master Apothecary this seemed like the ideal mini to go with it! Master Apothacary Priscus will hit the field sometime soon...

And lastly but probably most importantly we have my super secret project.... which I have blanked out for reasons of secrecy, but it should be good! paid £14.50 incl postage, just needs to be stripped of and started again...which is where he's going now....

Ok, ok a big black square isnt much of a picture, but it is behind there, if I do it well the tension could be unbearable....


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