The Skaven Invasion: Painting Queek Headtaker Part1

Well here is the first pic of my WIP Queek Headtaker, I'm really loving painting this model so far, lots of detail, and it looks good even though its only slightly done. Need to go back and neaten the black areas ready for the chainmail to be done. After the black undercoat I did his armour like so:

a) Mechrite Red coat
b) Heavy Devlyn Mud wash
c) 3:1 Mechrite Red : Blood Red, leaving shading in the recesses
d) 1:1 Mechrite : Bood Red, working up from the previous layer
e)  Blood Red for the 'normal' colour
f) 3:1 Blood Red : Bad Moon Yellow for the highlight
g) 2:1 Blood Red : Bad Moon Yellow for final highlight

Queek looks a lot less orange in real life, and a bit darker too, also I realise that you can't get Bad Moon Yellow any more, so using Blazing Orange would work just as well. If anyone has any tips for a better recipe of red please feel free to drop me a comment. I will also post the complete step by step as I do it into the Step by Step page, as when it has disappeared into the warp that is the older posts, it will still be easily findable on that page. Also on a related note, Blackmane is doing a complete  Dark Eldar Raider Step by Step which he will have hopefully posted by the end of today for everybody.

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