New Dice! For That Ultramarine In Me...

Well, today I got a nice surprise from Mr Postman, the arrival of my Ultramarine themed dice.

 I was looking for some more, as I forgot mine at the Showdown, and i had to borrow Blackmanes, and he used his Dark Eldar green ones, so I thought I'd better get some more, as you can never have enough dice!

Whilst trawling through ebay I found these, 50 pealescent blue dice, with gold spots for £2.95 ($4.60) and £1.50 for postage ($4.21 to the US), so I thought 'Why not?" and got them, and I'm chuffed, I like them a lot more than the bog standard ones!  is where I got them from (link takes you to their ebay store) they sell many colours and varieties, as well as current and OOP citadel mini's.
Well worth a look in my humble opinion, and at that price, you can't go wrong.

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