What's That Nibbling Noise?...... The Skaven Invasion

Well, the Under Empire has finally arrived at SotA towers... I am really loving the new Queek model very dynamic and fierce, but not truly over the top at the same time. Why Skaven do you ask?
Well Warhammer Fantasy represents the last bastion for me of unexplored GW war-gaming, I have substantial 40K and LotR armies but never really got into Fantasy, I had a brief dip about 5 or 6 years ago when I bought the Lizardmen armybook and a box of Sauraus, but sadly they never took off... The real clincher though was the new Hell Pit Abomination, in my opinion that is the ugliest, most horrific looking thing GW have produced in a long time, it's perfect. Queek stood out to me on the Lords and Hero's page and I knew I must have him as a Lord.

The army will be collected the old fashioned way, a unit at a time. I have a habit, like I'm sure many wargamers, of buying lots of stuff in one go, and them not doing it because it seems like a never ending mountain. When I first started out, I wasnt able to buy lots, so a squad here and there or a new sergeant every couple of weeks, it actually made a difference to how I painted and collected, so I am going back to it.

Queek is currently drying black, and he is my job for tomorrow and the rest of the week. Then, I will purchase the Army Book and see what deliciously dastardly things the Skaven has to throw upon the world....

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