The Skaven Invasion: Painting Queek Headtaker Part 2

Sorry for the delay all, but I have had a busy week! Well today I finally got round to painting some more on Queek, and I have really impressed myself with the results, as usually I'm not very good at skin tones and the like, but today it just seemed to come together.

Stage 1: Skin
a) 1:1 mix of Elf Flesh and Bestial Brown, this formed the base coat and was applied to all areas of skin.
b) Devlyn Mud wash on all areas
c) Using the previous mix, added small amounts of Bleached Bone, and almost dry brushed it on, the amount of the brush was really that little, but it does provide some subtle shading to the skin.
d) Repeat the previous step, putting this new mix onto the sharpest edges as a final highlight.

Stage 2: Fur
Very simple really,
a) 2:1 Codex Grey and Chaos Black as a base coat
b) Light dry brush of codex grey
c) 1:1 mix of Codex Grey and Skull White, applied to the sharpest edges as a final highlight.

Stage 3: Teeth & Claws
a) Bestial Brown base coat
b) Bleached Bone, try to dry brush/ feather this on gently to get a smoother transition between the two colours.
c) Skull White highlight on the edges.
This technique worked very well on the teeth, though replicating it on the claws proved difficult for me.

Stage 4: Random Details
a) Metal rings: Boltgun Metal
b) Eye: Blood Red, then a small 1:1 dot of Blood Red and Bad Moon Yellow

I really like how my Queek is turning out, he is definitely one of the better models I've painted. Going to take a breather now as my eyes are starting to burn....

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