Death from Above!

Hi all.

Today I have finished a couple of things. Firstly I have finished my 15 strong Blood Claw unit. The newest 5 I finished a couple of months back and I finally got the original 10 done to the newer standard for the most part. The main change been how the armour was done. Secondly I have finished my Skyclaws. I also got all the Bloodclaws and Skyclaws based with snow as well as Erik Morkai and Egil Iron Wolf.

Now for the pictures.

First up we have my Skyclaws. The first model is the pack leader. I gave him a power wepaon and attempted to paint it to make it look like a frost axe. I think the overall effect came out well however it isn't too clear on the picture. One squad member is carrying a meltagun for when the squad needs to take out a vehicle. The rest of the squad is armed in the standard way for a Skyclaw pack.

Next up we have the members of my 15 man Blood Claw Squad. The pack leader (1st pic: centre model) is armed with a power axe. The special weapons are a meltagun and plasma gun. The rest of the squad is armed with bolt pistols and chainswords.

Lastly we have a picture of Erik Morkai and Egil Iron Wolf. I have previously posted picture's of them but they hadn't had their bases finished. So I decided to post a new picture now that they do.

                                               (Left: Egil Iron Wolf, Right: Erik Morkai)

Well thats all for today. Thanks for reading and as always comments are welcome.


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