Hi all.

Today I've been working on my first Dwarf army list. Normally I don't write an army list before starting an army. I normally just get the minimum requirements to field a legal army and then build from there in anyway I see fit. This is why I have a unit of Warriors and a unit of Thunderers already. They were the two minimum core choices I had decided to use when myself and Zebulon first got the idea to start Warhamemr armies. However I have no Dwarf Lord or Thane but I did have an Engineer so he was the army General. Not great but he would do.

Now however I've decided to write a list and build it. I'm not saying that I'm gonna stick to it like glue. Its just going to be a rough guide and no doubt I'll add things that aren't on the list. Not only so I can field a bigger army but because I like painting and I like to be able to vary my list whenever I wish just to shake things up from time to time. I only have to look as far as my Space Wolves to see this. I recently bought some Skyclaws. I don't need Skyclaws in my army as I have two Blood Claw units and I don't need them to add something fast to my army because I have transport vehicles for most of my units. I got them because I wanted to add something different. I wanted something to vary the choices when building a list to play a game. And as Zebulon can tell you, I like having options. The more the better. And so writing a list to guide me in the army building process is something quite new for me.

And so on to the point of this post. My list. So here it is, my 1500 point Dwarf army. The numbers in brackets show the base cost with no upgrades.

Thane (65pts) 107pts
Shield +2
Rune of Fury +25
Rune of Striking +10
Rune of Stone +5

Thane (65pts) 215pts
Master Rune of Gromril +25
Battle Standard +25
Master Rune of Stromni Redbeard +100

20 Dwarf Warriors (160pts) 205pts
20 Shields +20
Full Command +25

20 Dwarf Warriors (160pts) 205pts
20 Shields +20
Full Command +25

16 Thunderers (224pts) 249pts
Full Command +25

10 Quarrellers (110pts) 135pts
Full Command +25

14 Hammerers (168pts) 228pts
Full Command +30
Rune of Courage +30

Cannon (90pts) 105pts
Engineer +15

Bolt Thrower (45pts) 45pts

Total 1494pts

So there we have it, my 1500 point Dwarf army list. It probably isn't the best list in the world and that doesn't really matter to me because I don't build armies that are designed to wipe the floor with my opponent and use all kinds of tricks to win. I usually go with a 'what you see is what you get' aproach. The next time I play 40k with Zebulon I intend to use a Space Wolves army that is pretty much all mounted in transports and was built like that because I wanted to try a list that does what Space Wolves do best. Charge headlong into the enemy and get to grips with them. This Dwarf army was built to offer a decent amount of shooting with some support from some good old war machines and with those backed up by some dependabl blocks of infantry and an elite unit of Dwarfs to centre the force around. It may not be great but I think its very 'Dwarfy'.

Well thats all for today. Thanks for reading and if you have any suggestions for the list or questions about it then please feel free to leave a comment.



  1. I also really like having extra options for my army just to change things up, though I usually do work out a list when first starting a new army. It's helpful for me to figure out if I want to go for a certain theme for the collection as well as planning out purchases. There's plenty of tinkering along the way and after that basic force is complete and ready for gaming, then I'll start adding units and models for additional variety.

    I haven't used my Dwarf army in a few years but the list you've drawn up looks solid to me. I'd recommend finding the points for a Grudge Thrower, perhaps by trimming some off of the Thanes and/or using the points from the bolt thrower. Best of luck to you with the new army!

  2. Thankyou for your comment. I think I'll take your advice and find the points to include a Grudge Thrower seen as they are a very cheap choice at just 80 points. Just by removing the Bolt Thrower I'm over half way there.