Gondorian Army (So Far)

Hi all.

Today I bring a few pictures of my Gondorian army. I decided to get out all the models that make up my army so far and take a few pictures. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of it all together and instead just got shots of the formations. They're also not the best pictures. The light coming into my room wasn't bright enough so I had to use the flash so the pictures are a little bright. So here goes.

First up we have the biggest formation currently in my army. Its a full Court of the Dead King ledgendary formation. Thats 48 models and includes both the King of the Dead and a Banner Bearer. Hopefully just seeing this unit will make opponents stop and think for a minute.

Next up we have my 3 company strong Minas Tirith Warrior formation and a 2 company strong Minas Tirth Archers formation. This is the biggest of the 2 warrior formations in my army and includes a Captain and a Banner Bearer. I will be adding more at some point. The archer formation is the only formation of archers I currently have. I have 4  archer models left over but thats obviously not enough for an extra company.

Here we have my second Warrior formation which is 2 companies strong. Again I will be adding more to it at some point (when I have money lol). In this formation there is a Banner Bearer and there will be a Captain when I get my hands on another one. Next to the Banner Bearer in the picture is Aragorn, King Elessar. He will be one of the Epic Hero's I will be using. Behind the Warriors are my Fountain Court Guard formation. Only 1 comapny strong at the moment but like the other formations I plan to add more to it. Pictured with the formation is Boromir Captain of the White Tower with the Banner of Minas Tirth. That means he counts both a Banner Bearer and a Hornblower.

Lastly we have my 3 company strong formation of Knights of Minas Tirth. They are obviously here to add some speed to the army and hopefully be able to get a charge into the flanks of an enemy formation. I will be adding more of these as well as some Knights of Dol Amroth.

Also in the army are a Battlecry Trebuchet and an Avenger Bolt Thrower. They aren't pictured here as I plan on doing some work to them first. They looking a bit old and in need of some fresh paint. They also need some bases.

Things I plan to add to the army are:
More warriors and knights
Swan Knights of Dol Amroth
Foot Knights of Dol Amroth
Rangers (various kinds, probably gondor/arnor)
More Fountain Court Guard
Blackroot Vale Archers
Denethor's Guard (possibly, still not decided)

This list is by no means definitive and will no doubt expand as time goes on.

Well thats all for today. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. As always comments are most welcome and thankyou for reading.


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