The Return From Sternac

Hi all,
it has been a fair while since I have posted anything, so for that I apologise, however I now have an new house, with a dedicated gaming room! So look for battle reports in the near future, I know Blackmane is itching to have a brawl with my Iron Lords/Ultramarines/Tau, so hopefully soon we can get together and play. Have got the materials worked out, and the table will be 6'x4' (not including the 12" of non-gaming reserve/ cup of tea space on either end lol). Speaking of gaming myself and Blackmane had a game of Kill Team  at the start of July and with my stuff in storage, I borrowed his Imperial Guard, having never used them in my life, I was quite astounded to actually win the game, having gone the full 6 turns I had all but annihilated Blackmane's Space Wolves, thanks to some lucky rolls and 3 Auto-cannons, fear the Lasgun people, I'm telling ya......

However, right now I have a new mini that I've been working on over the last couple of days, and that is the Chapter Master of my Iron lords, Hoban Lakor. I already had a model to represent him, in the form of a Master of the Forge w/full servo harness. This mini however happened totally by accident, I was converting my Black Reach terminators into what I wanted to be an Honour Guard squad and I had seen an article on another site that had used Dreadnought leg guards as pre-heresy shoulder pads, and it worked really well. He originally was going to be the chapter champion, and I have converted another two to be Honour Guards, however, they will now probably be representing a Iron Lords version of Culln and a chaplain in termy armour. But I had a thought and surmised that the best most sort after armour in the armoury would be bestowed to the Chapter Master, and since pre-heresy armour virtually doesn't exist any more, it makes sense. So without further ado, I give to you my new (original idea) Chapter Master....                                                                    

I think he's a lot better than my original mini, and am mostly happy with how he turned out, but I am going to tinker with him more, add more mechanical artefacts and such and do his banner (not sure hwat to put on it at the moment) just to flesh him out a bit more. If you read this please let me know what you think, thanks


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