The Great Company of Grimnar

Hi all.

Today I bring pictures of my Space Wolves. Its not just one or two models but my entire army. Much like I did yesterday with my Gondorians.

For those whoe aren't aware my main 40k army are my beloved Space Wolves. They were my first army for 40k. They were started back in 2004 if I remember correctly. They started when Zebulon and myself bought a box of 5 space marines each. They consisted of a Captain, a marine with missle launcher and 3 with bolters. They were simple push fit models and actually a bit shorter than todays marines. While they are no longer a part of my army, except the captain who I converted, they were what got me started. The next to be added to my army was the Great Wolf himself, Logan Grimnar. Zebulon bought him for me as a present. He was follwed by a Rune Priest and a bike I think. From there the army lept forward when I bought two battleforce boxes and some long fangs. And since then my army has only gotten bigger.

At last count, about a month ago, my army stands at 5294 points. Since then I've added my Skyclaws. And there are other things to add on my list. But they'll come with time. Currently my Space Wolves are undergoing a bit of a revamp. Seen as the majority were painted before the coming of foundation paints and washes, the older models looked out of place next to the newer models painted in a new way. Since the release of the new Space Wolf codex I've been slowly working my way through my older stuff repainting them in the new way. At the same time I was making additions so the process has been slow. But its getting done. You'll notice in the photo's below the difference between new units and those still waiting to be updated.

The pictures below are in no paticular order. However there was not enough light so I had to turn on the flash which has of course made some of them quite bright. I apologise for this and will take better pictures once I've got them all done.

So without delay here is the Great Company of Logan Grimnar.

The entire Great Company

Canis Wolfborn

Grey Hunters with Rhino

Swiftclaw Pack. Centre model: Wolf Guard on Bike

Blood Claws and Land Raider Crusader

Wolf Guard Terminators with Land Raider

Land Speeder

Wolf Guard

Wolf Guard Terminators

Blood Claws (current squad being redone) with Drop Pod

Sky Claws

Wolf Scouts

Grey Hunters with Rhino

Long Fangs with Razorback

Predator and Iron Priest 2


Iron Priest 1

Njal Stormcaller and Logan Grimnar

Rune Priests

Wolf Priests

Wolf Guard Battle Leader

When you look at some of the models its clear which ones are in need of redoing. For example the difference between my new Land Raider Crusader and my old standard Land Raider. The last picture is the converted captian I mentioned at the beginning. I repositioned the legs, added the bolt gun and power weapon, made my own left shoulder pad (was good at the time) and sculpted on the hair. I basically made him as a representation of myself as a Space Wolf. He was good at the time but could probably do with a new model or a seious overhaul to be honest. I may get round to it eventually.

Anyway thats all for today. Hope you enjoyed reading and taking a look at my Space Wolves. Thanks for reading and please feel free to leave comments.


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