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Hi all.

Today I got some pictures of the latest two models I've been working. These are the Helms Deep version of Aragorn and Prince Imrahil. I did paint Prince Imrahil a couple of months back but I was never happy with how it turned out. Luckily for me I had another one that was based, undercoated and ready for painting.

So first up are the pictures of the new Prince Imrahil. I am much happier with this model than I was with the last one. I think the blue's look a lot better. The cloak came out much better this time. I'm also a lot happier with the white under robe. The last one I did worked up from grey which left it too dak in the recesses. The face is also better than the last one as I used an a 50/50 mix of Dwarf Flesh and Elf Flesh during the highlights this time round. As I said I'm much happier with this version of Prince Imrahil.

Next up we have Aragorn. This is the version of Aragorn at Helms Deep. It was the first version of Aragorn I got.  While I was painting this model I relaised I had two other versions sat on my desk. Luckily neither of them need painting. This model looks so much better compared with how it used to look. I kept the colours limited when I painted this model, using Scorched brown for the hair, leather armour, the scabbard and the boots. The belt was painted with graveyard earth. I then washed the whole model with Badab Black before highlighting. The only thing I think I may have not done right are the sleaves. I think they're meant to be red but not to worry. Overall I am extremely happy with Aragorn. May he lead my Gondorians to many victories.

On a side note I have been writing down the fluff for the Tarnhelm 3rd. While I've always had an idea in my head of their background, I've never written any of it down and I'm sure I'll have forgotten bits of it. So I decided to set about writing/typing it so I have a set history for them. It also gives me something to refer back to should I forget. Over time I may post bits of it on here.

Anyway thats all for now. Thanks for reading and please feel free to leave comments.


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