The Future is Clearer

Hi all.

Just a bit of general news today.
I got myself a digital camera. Up until now I've been using a webcam to take pictures of my models. And while the pictures are ok, they aren't great. So after Zebulon suggested for the millionth time that I needed a better camera, I decided to look into it. And so after looking for a good few hours over a couple of evenings I settled on a camera that I liked the look of and had all the things I felt I would need.

I've tried one test picture of a model and it was certainly a lot better. Of course it will take a bit of time to find the right settings but it'll come. In the mean time I have more models to paint and some older ones to take new pictures of.

Thats all for now. Hopefully I will have some nice new pictures taken on my nice shiney new camera up soon.

Thanks for reading.


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