Dreadnought Awakening

Hi all,
today I have an update on my latest projects, which I started a long time ago but never got really finished. as some people may know by reading the earlier posts, I have some what of a weakness for Dreadnought and what would be a tech-worshipping chapter without some, these latest two Dreads join my converted AOBR Dread in the ranks of the my Iron Lords.

Firstly we have honoured Brother Tankor, who during his service was a key member of the assault squads and for his heroic deeds, he has been entombed in an Ironclad sarcophagus so his skill at close combat will live on for aeons...

Next we have Borrellus, found wandering a desert world (formerly an oceanic world evaporated by the expansion of the sun) by the and Iron Lords Scout squad on a training mission, Borrellus had no memory due to damage to his helmet and brain, also having spent so much time on the desert world, he had no markings or engravings on his sacred body, as the scouts approached he saw them and turned to fire, but recognised friend from foe and allowed the scouts to approach, as they conversed it was clear that he had no memory of the battle nor what chapter he was missing from, the Iron Lords thought it unwise to leave behind such a venerated hero and recruited him, ever on the hunt for returning him to his rightful chapter. Deeming it necessary to call him a name, the Tech-adepts of the chapter settled on Borrellus, as it a tome which indicates resurrection through vital salts, a fitting name considering he was found on a dead ocean world....

(The arms are missing due to the fact I'm still working on them)

Lastly we have a slightly tweaked Chapter Master, no modelling work done, but added chevrons, as that's the theme I'm going for and am still working on the banner. 
Comments are always welcome and I'd quite like some thought on what i'm going for. Thanks as always, 


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