The Skaven Invasion: Painting Queek Headtaker Part 4

Hey all,
well today I bring you the final part of my guide to painting Queek Headtaker, which really was just his trophy rack and touching up the base.

Firstly the Wooden Poles,

a) Scorched Brown
b) Devlyn Mud wash
c) 1:1 dry brush mix of Scorched Brown and Tau Sept Ochre (Bestial Brown would probably work just as well).
d) Light Bleached Bone dry brush as a final step to help bring it out a bit.

a) Boltgun Metal
b) Badab Black wash
c) Boltgun Metal light dry brush
d) Chainmail used to pick out the edges and spikes

Cloth ties
a) Bleached Bone
b) Devlyn Mud wash
c) Bleached Bone as a highlight
d) 1:1 Bleached Bone and Skull White

Skaven Skeleton
a) Bestial Brown
b) Bleached Bone
c) Badab Black wash
d) Dry brush 1:1 Bleached Bone: Skull White
e) Light dry brush Skull White

Human/Ork Skull
a) Bestial Brown
b) Bleached Bone
c) Devlyn Mud wash
d) Bleached Bone to pick out the features

Dwarf head
a) Shadow Grey
b) Lichee Purple wash
c) Scorched Brown for the beard
d) Bestial Brown beard highlight

a) 1:1 Elf Flesh: Space Wolves Grey
b) Shadow Grey wash
c) Lichee Purple Wash
d) Ring was Shining Gold

The base was also given a touch up in the form of a dry brush of Space Wolves Grey, to pick out the stones.

Well that's my full Queek guide, and having finally got his trophy rack on, he looks really good (to me anyway), possibly the best model I've painted so far, and definately my favourite! Well if anyone has any comments of tips, please feel free to post a comment.


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