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Zebulon's Scar Veteran on Cold One

 Hey all, I'm back once again with the continuation of my Seraphon army, this time I've started my Scar Veteran on Cold One, ready to lead my (eventual) 18 Saurus Cavalry chaps into the fray!

So here is the mount I'm working on, he carries the main scheme of my army on but in its own sort of way. The saddle still needs work and the base needs a good finish too, but I'm quite pleased with how they've all turned out.

This particular layout was inspired by this scheme for the male Velociraptors from Jurassic Park 3
By Yankeetrex, taken from Deviant Art
Whilst the movie itself was rather poop, well the ending for me at least, I always like this scheme and the visuals as a whole from that film,

The Veteran too follows the same pattern all previous Saurus

The thing I love most about this model is his Skaven cloak and saddle. Being a Skaven player too, I really love the rivalry these two races had and the little details help to build character on the miniatures. This cloak in fact inspired me to buy the Lustria campaign book, which is a great characterful read and I would recommend anyone who liked Skaven and Lizardmen to pick up a cheap copy!

Well as always, feel free to leave a comment below, whether they be good bad or anything inbetween and thanks for reading!



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