TT Combat Gothic Street Accessories Review


Hey all I'm back today with a quick review of the TT Combat Gothic Street Accessory pack, it arrived earlier this week and I've only just nicely put it together now;

The first thing that impressed me about this kit was the amount of accessories you get in it for the price , 4 lamp posts 2 barricades,  3 ammo crates and a barrel for a measly  £3.95 ($5.70).

Scale wise, they're very good and will fit well with any other scenery kits, they feel chunky but not over bearing but at the same time they don't feel too thin to fit in to the Gothic (read 40k) universe. 

As you can see my Van Saar leader fits well in proportion to the accessories and they look like they'll make good Los blocking terrain.

The assembled of the pieces was very quick, probably ess then 10mins on total. The only ONLY thing that went wrong was the barrel.

Because it's make up of discs, getting the alignment I found very tricky and eventually gave up as I'd done a bad job on it. If I would have used wood glue rather than super glue,  then I could have adjusted it. 

Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

Overall I would give this kit 4.5/5 for value assembly and scale! I'm thinking of ordering another to give me more scatter terrain for game of Necromunda.  

Well that's all for now,  feel free to leave a comment! 


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