Lizardmen/Seraphon Terrain

Hey all, I'm here once again with a couple of new pieces I've picked up for my Lizardmen/ Seraphon. The first of which is a rather nice vacuum formed pyramid from Amera Plastic Mouldings

As you can see in the pic below its a very large piece and with something that size you would expect quite a large price tag..... well no. The whole thing, including postage cos me £10.50 ($15) which I think is incredible value for money! I think the reason for the low price is because it's vacuum formed as opposed injection moulded or cast. It's also incredibly lightweight and flexible, which is good in my experience as its less likely to crack.

I think my Slann and Priest look very at home on the pyramid. It is in the process of painting and I should have the finished article up soon. The pyramid itself is going to reflect the stone palanquin my Slann sits on, a nice sandy colour.  If you wish to see more about Amera Plastic Mouldings here is a link to their site and I'd give it 10/10!

Having purchased and read the Lustria campaign book I got the itch to get some jungle scenery, the pyramid was a good centre piece but I wanted plenty of scatter terrain. Going to local shops, the cheapest aquarium plants I found were £3-4 each ($4-6) which for one pant isn't too bad but if want a lot then it will cost a small fortune!

Instead I turned to Aliexpress. I found lots of plants on there from as little a 30p (43c) so are quite large and leafy, good for large jungle pants, others are more grass like which could go well on character bases!

However, my favourite thing I found was a single sheet of grass type plants, its supposed to sit in the bottom of a fish tank I guess however after having chopped it up it works a very nice dense terrain, one sheet is enough to give you just the right amount of jungle scatter without being too overpowering. As well, as you can see the scale itself is pretty perfect and to top it off, it only cos me a couple of pounds! The only bad thing is the waiting time for delivery, usually 2-3 weeks, but the money savings are worth it if you ask me!

Well that's all for now and my little ramblings! Feel free to leave and comments or suggestions below and thanks for having a read!


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