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I Will Take The Ring To Mordor

Hi all.

Recently I've been wanting to get some of my LotR character's painted as a while ago I stripped a lot of them down to do again. While this means they will hopefully look better than before it has had the disadvantage of leaving me with few hero's (good and evil) to lead the various armies I have. So with that in mind a dug a few out and decided what better place to start than with the hobbit himself, Frodo Baggins. 

While he won't be leading any armies, he has uses in some scenario's and of course I want a fully painted Fellowship.

So on with some pictures. 

 More after the jump.

As I mentioned in my terminator librarian post skin is a bit hit and miss for me and unfortunately I've hit a bit of a miss with Frodo's face. I'm not sure if it's just a result of been a small area or perhaps to thick a coat of paint but it just didn't come out as well as hoped. I may go back and try and correct it at some point but for now it will do. The rest of the model I think has turned out well and I'm happy with him.  I suppose the next thing I should do is consider painting Sam, Merry and Pippin but I'll see. 

Well that's all for today. Thanks for reading. 



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