Zebulon's Necromunda Van Saar Gang WIP

Hey all, I'm back today with a new project I'm working on. My gaming group decided to start a Necromunda campaign, the first week of every month is Necromunda Wednesday. Ive never played Necromunda before but it seems very similar to Mordheim which I love, so I've started building a gang!

Through buying random job lots off ebay I had amassed 4 Van Saar gang members.

I decided to go with these guys mainly because I already had them haha, it was a start! 1 Leader, 1 Ganger, a Juve and my Heavy Weapons chap ( minus his heavy stubber). 

I've added various models to the so now I have 1 leader, 3 gangers, 4 juves and my heavy weapon chap, now with heavy stubber! I've got 5 minis left to get units I have one of every pose.

When it came to painting I decided to move away from the traditional green body gloves the Van Saar wear and went for a grey and orange scheme. I'm really liking the grey schemes at the minuet, the one I used on my Slann a couple of months ago really spoke to me and I decided to carry it over onto my Gang. 

I first went to paint my leader. 

I'm very happy with how he turned out, though I need to glaze or wash his face to bring down the highlight on his cheeks a little. My initial thoughts on the models themselves changed whilst I was painting him. At first look, Van Saar minis look very bland, they're not austentatious like Goliath Gangs or have long flowing trenchcoats like Delaque. Their beauty is in their smaller details. The pipes that run across the suit, the hard patches on their suits, their incredibly 80's Van Damme mullets and impressive goatees! It's suits them and their fluff of being rather straight forward and practical.

Having played 2 games so far, I'm loving them as a gang. It's also very handy that their Gangers can get Tech Skills,  they are the only gang who can do that!

So 1 down and 8 to go so far! That's it for today,  feel free to leave a comment below if you like what you see.


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