All Hail the King!

HI all

Today I bring some more pictures of another recently finished model. If you've looked at the 3 lotr picture posts recently you'll know I did 3 elves in a row. I broke that chain yesterday with a newly painted Theoden on horse. Today however I return to elves.

Today's elf is Thranduil, King of Mirkwood. For those who don't know he is also Legolas's father. I got this model along with the other members of the White Council box. I do like the model and had thought about getting him a few times sicne he came out. So when I managed to get my hands on the White Council box he was one of the ones I was looking forward to painting.

I'm very happy with how he's turned out. Again it's pale colours which I don't like painting but practise makes prefect and I think he's turned  really well. I think I'm most impressed with the green overcoat. The cloak also came out well however I didn't take it to as light a colour as I did with Glorfindel.

Well thats all for now. Thanks for reading and as always comments, good or bad, are welcome.


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