Skaven Army Project Log: 24 Hour Stormvermin-athon

So today I sat down to have a crack at my Stormvermin and realised that I didn't have a clue about what colour scheme to use when painting them or for that matter what clan they are going to be part of. So I dug out January's White Dwarf and came down to two choices:

Clan Ferric;
"Clan Ferric have possession of an ancient Dwarfen mine, a resource they jealously guard for the relative wealth it brings them. A result of this plundered mine is that their warriors are often better armoured than their fellows, with wargear that is less warn and battered."
The clan colours are dark reds and browns for cloth, shiny well maintained looking armour and banners made from what looks to be sheet metal.

Clan Ektrik:
"An obsession with lightning (and its uses upon the battlefield) has left clan Ektrik beholden to the Great Clan Skyre, from whom they obtain the Doomwheels and Warp Lightning Cannons they covet. This passion for electrical discharge manifests in the lightning-bolt details on their banners and shields. Furthermore their warriors wear conductive bronze armour, ensuring that their fur is always standing on end from the frequent static discharges that surround them."
The clan colours are reds and whites for cloth and bronze coloured armour.

Both sets of fluff are appealing, as my first battle with be against dwarves, and my Stormvermin are taking a Dwarf-Hide banner, however I was going to go with a reddish colour scheme and I do have a Doomwheel and Warp Lightning Cannon in my list so its really a 50/50 split...

However, after careful deliberation I am going to go with Clan Ektrik, as who cant resist warp lightning!
Also I have just noticed that white appearing on a model seems to indicate importance i.e. Pawleader, Musician and Banner Bearer, which would also mean that my Stormvermin would have white cloth and bronze armour, which seems like a winning combination to me, it would make them stand out and also tie them together, The characters I have (Queek and the Warlock Engineer are from Clan Mors and Skyre respectively, so would look totally different to the rest of the army, as they are not affiliated.)

Anyway, after that deliberating for today, the light had began to sink in merry old England, so to the challenge, tomorrow I am going to complete my full 20 strong Stormvermin in on day, I do like to push myself lol. Will have the results up tomorrow evening!

As always c&c's are always welcome.

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