Zebulon's Clan Ektrik As It Stands

Well just thought I'd post some pics of all the Skaven stuff I have procured and assembled so far....


When I originally started my Skaven I didn't know what Clan I was going to go with and I bought Queek solely as a tester model to see if I enjoyed painting Skaven, I loved the model the instant I saw it, as I've said before, in fact it wasn't until a couple of days ago that I decided to go down the Ektrik route! After mine and Blackmanes showdown I'll be adding Ikit Claw as Ektrik do love their warp lightning, and having him in makes perfect sense, though I will always keep Queek around as he is always good for a bit close combat action, just means I can have a couple of different styles from my army.


Still need painting mostly, but will be an impressive site on the field especially when they're acting as Queek's bodyguard gaining +1 S and WS for 4pts.... After the showdown these guys will be one of the core troop choices for my expanded Skaven army.

The Clanrats will be joined by another two units after the showdown, as well as some slaves to bulk out the force as they are a horde army after all!
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My Doomwheel is undercoated black, but not assembled as it's a very difficult model to paint when its all assembled. The Clan Ektrik theme is brilliant for me as I loved the Doomwheel when I first saw it, I intend to add another after the fight, as a potential 3d6 S10 shots a turn are a nice incentive!
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Having not technically received my Warp Lightning Cannon yet (it's in the post) I have big plans for this unit, as well as the two more I intend to add after.....

Well just a random little post about how things look and stand so far, it will be a very warp lightning heavy army and it will be glorious! Also may add a Hell Pit Abomination, just because it was the model that clinched me to get a Skaven Army in the first place! More work to be done.....


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