Finished Skaven Warlock

Hey all, 

Well today as promised is my Skaven Warlock, finished as of 5 minutes ago, though the base is screaming for me to do something else with it so I will be going back to that later, but the model as a whole is tabletop ready at least, so without further ado.....
Actually, having just seen these pics close up, there is a bit of tinkering to be done, I need to verdigris the brass orbs and tidy up his halberd staff the shield too needs tinkering with, looked all right in real life, but very flat in the photos, minor things, also his teeth, but not noticeable on the table top. This is my second 'General' choice on the battlefield, after Queek, and so far my Skaven are turning out pretty good, just 20 Stormvermin, 20 Clanrats a Doomwheel and a Warp Lightning Cannon to do! No much really! lol. The hardest thing about this model was the warpstone, never been any good at doing light colours and so light coloured shading, am looking for a tutorial as well on how to go glow effects, as when dealing with warpstone I think it really needs it!

As always c&c's are always welcome, tomorrow Stormvermin!


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