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Hi all

Today I bring some pictures of a new unit for my Tarnhelm 3rd. The unit in question is a new sentinal. I've been wanting another sentinal for a while now. I'm sure Zebulon could back me up on that seen as everytime we've discussed what we're adding to each of our armies next, a sentinal has always come up on my list of what I wanted to add to my Tarnhelm 3rd.

So I finally got round to getting one about 2 weeks ago. No it hasn't taken me two weeks to paint it. I just didn't get round to it until about 2 days ago. After a few hours of painting over a couple of days I finally finished it. Which means its no longer taking up space on an already over crowded paint station (It really is crowded. I have so many things to paint!).

Anyway on with some pictures.

The plasma cannon isn't actually attached to the sentianal permanently. As I've stated before I like options. Luckily it sits in on its own without the need to use blue-tac to hold it there. Hopefully the other weapons will do the same when I get around to doing those. But for the time been the plasma cannon will be more than enough. The rock its right foot is stood on is made from some blue foam I had left over from a project at uni. It was just the right sizde and had a good texture to it so I decided to use it for some fallen stone work.

Well thats all for today. As always comments are most welcome and thankyou for reading.


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