Things That Go Bump In The Night

This is perhaps a very strange tale, one that started approximately a year ago....

Wayland Games and Mantic had teamed up to provide a free Ghoul sprue for every person who signed up to both the Wayland and Mantic newsletters, now even though I don't currently play Mantic games, I liked the look of what they have been doing and not being a person to look a gift horse in the mouth I subscribed, as free stuff is free stuff right?

Well I received my confirmation email and tried to confirm my address, however there was a fault and it wouldn't let me complete the confirmation. No bother I thought, I'll still get some discounted stuff, and like I said Mantic does interest me in their product....

Fast forward a year and whilst I was on my break at work, this email arrived via Facebook:

 Hello there, I presume you're **** ******* of ********** fame~?
Just using the technological marvel that is the interweb to inform you that you had a delivery a few days back if you want to pick it up, looks like it's probably a Warhammer figure or something. Or it could be anthrax...Warhammer or anthrax... Either way, if you fancy your chances, feel free to swing by at some point to pick it up. If you so happen to be another **** ******* studying at ***, feel free to ignore this message as you see fit - or even pose as **** *******, to add to your sweet collection of stolen figures and/or biological contaminants - I really don't mind! 

Please DO NOT use my address (which sharp minded criminals such as you have no doubt derived from the first line) to frame me for crimes including (but not limited to) Murder, arson, drug trafficking, organ harvesting, pimping, kidnapping, burglary, treason and fraud. also, don't order pizza to my house - i live with three disproportionately large radioactive turtles, and they go f*****g nuts when they see pizza. thanks for your time. 

Well, this got me thinking as everything I had ordered had arrived at my house fine. I asked Blackmane if he had sent me anything and he said no. The mystery deepened... until I read the most recent Wayland Games letter, stating that a free Mantic ghoul sprue would come free of charge with every order..... and then I remembered about the free sprue... it was a long shot as after A WHOLE YEAR I didn't think I would get them now surely......

Today, I picked them up and guess what????

A WHOLE YEAR LATER I finally got my ghouls, and I must say I am rather impressed with them considering they're a freebie, the detail on them is really good, good muscle texture, cloth texture and some nice head and weapon options. The mechanical hand sort of thing is really cool. These I would recommend to any Vampire Counts players as I think they would fit in nicely. My original idea was to have them as civilians in games, but they're too vampiric for that. I may tweak them and have them as captured Skaven slaves because they have that emaciated look to them.

If I were to ever venture into Mantic, which I may do at some point, I think this may be my starting point....
A bit off topic for our blog I know, but I thought it was post worthy never the less

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