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Today I bring some pictures of the latest finsihed Dark Eldar models for my Kabal of the Blazing Sun. The unit in question are my Hellions. I have to admit I originally wasn't too keen on these models when they first came out. However they grew on me and when it came to adding a final unit to my list for the christmas battle against Zebulon's Tau, they fit in just nicely. By which I mean points wise. I had been looking to add Reavers but with the points I had left they wouldn't fit in. So it was Hellions. And I was really glad I got them. They really helped in the game, dragging the Tau Commander away from his bodyguard and halfway across the table.

So without any more delays, I present the Hellions of the Flare Riders.

The brief piece of back story I have for them so far is that the Flare Riders have become permanently a part of the Kabal of the Blazing Sun, adopting the Kabal's colours.  They have also renamed themselves with a name that fits with their new identity better. While they still behave like any other Hellion gang, flying in the upper spires fighting with the Reavers and Scourges, they've based themselves at the numerous compounds that belong to the Kabal throughout Commorragh. As such they are resented by some of the other Hellion gangs who view them as outsiders and not true Hellions. The only thing that they don't like about the Kabal are the Reaver's who have also become a permanent part of the Kabal. Both factions often race each other to the first kill on a realspace raid, which has on occasion left the Kabal vulnerable during the raid as the Hellions and Reavers abandon the roles the Archon has given to them. They can also sometimes be found fighting each other around the compounds of the Kabal. Such incidents are left unpunished by the Archon despite the damage they sometimes cause. The Archon views their infighting as a way of making sure only the strongest of each faction are in the Kabal and so allows them to continue.

Well thats all for today. Thanks for reading and as always comments are most welcome.


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