Skaven Warlock WIP

Hey all,

things have been a bit quite from me for the last couple of weeks, but no more! I have a grand total of 10 days off now from work, which I thoroughly intend to spend painting my Skaven. Today I bring you my WIP Skaven Warlock, not sure about a name for him yet, however so far he is coming along swimmingly, should be finished by tomorrow night, as well as hopefully the Stormvermin command squad.

Obviously, he is the Island of Blood Warlock a good purchase off of ebay, as in comparison to the older metal Warlocks he is leagues ahead in terms of design, a lot more stream lined and sharp. Anyway he will be filling in magic role in my first battle with Blackmane in a few weeks, a level 2 wizard for 100pts, not too bad in my opinion. I was stuck for ages on how to paint him, as I wanted him to stand out, but not to use red like Queek, but retain and overall colour theme, so I went with purple as its still sort of in the same colour range, but sufficiently different enough to make him noticeable.

Just a quick post today, but the first of many over the next few days as the Verminous Horde march towards Blackmanes Karak.....

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