Skaven Army Project Log: 1000pt List

Well today I received my Clanrats and as I was walking home, my journey took me past my local Games Workshop. I suddenly got the urge to spend....and so I did. A Doomwheel some sand and I also subscribed to White Dwarf....

Anyway, with all the expendature behind me I got home and decided to work out my 1000pt list for the battle between my Skaven and Blackmane's....stunted humans...can't think what the word is.... anyway this is the list I've put together and I'm 9/10 of the way there. If all goes well this will be my 'core' army and I can expand it from there when the points level rises.


Queek Headtaker 215pts

Warlock Engineer 15pts
Lvl.2 Wizard +85pts
Warplock Pistol +8pts
Sword of Battle +25pts
Warpstone Tokens +15pts


Stormvermin 7pts x19
 Fangleader +10pts w/ Poison Attacks +15pts
 Standar Bearer +10pts w/ Dwarf Hide Banner +15pts
 Musician + 5pts
Queek upgrade + 4pts per model


Clanrats 4pts x20
Sheilds, Spears + 20pts
Musician +4pts
Standard Bearer +8pts
Pawleader +8pts


Doomwheel 150pts

Warp Lightining Cannon 90pts

Total 987pts

Still got 13pts to play with, but there is nothing really I can do with that. But anyway, this is what I'm fielding and I have it all, with the exception on the Warp Lightning Cannon... thats for payday.

Any comments or ideas for my list are most welcome as I can still tweak it. Next up is tactics....


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