Lord of the Rings Pictures 3

Hi all

Today I bring another couple of pictures. Its another elf, which makes it 3 elves in a row now (do I win a prize?). To see the prvious 2 elves click here and here.

Anyway on with the pictures.

This is Glorfindel. Or more precisly the armoured version of him. I do have the unarmoured version but that hasn't been painted yet and its back home. This version as you can see is wearing the classic high elf banded armour with I always think looks good. I am very very happy with how the cloak turned out. I would probably say its the best I've done on a cloak that is light coloured. I usually shy away from doing light coloured cloth and go for darker but Glorfindel really did need a light coloured one. Overall for a few hours work I'm very happy with him.

Well thats all for now. Thanks for reading and as always comments are most welcome, good or bad.


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