Dwarf - Skaven Showdown: My Thoughts

Hi all

Today I'm doing a post on my thoughts about the upcoming battle to the death between my heroic dwarves and Zebulon's nefarious skaven As I'm sure your aware this will be mine and Zebulon's first venture into the old world so getting first blood in a new system is obviously high on our priorities even though we're not really competative gamers by any means.

So my first thought is how am I going to handle the movement disadvantage. Well I think I have two choices when it comes to this. I can stay still and wait for him to come to me or I can march my way forwards with some of my army and meet him head on. While I would normally be in favour of the latter I don't want to block the line of sight of any shooting units by carelessly moving forwards. So on that front staying where I am may be the best choice and hopefully I'll get plenty of shooting in.

Secondly how am I going to deal with Queek. I already know Zebulon is going to include him in his army so I have to counter him somehow. I have come to the conclusion this is going to require a Dwarf Lord with a couple of runes. One to give him a ward save so he will hopefully survive any of Queek's attacks and another to smash Queek's magical weapon and deprive him of the advantage it gives him. The downside is it sqaurely on my Dwarf Lord's shoulders to get the job done and there's no real back up plan other than keep shooting till the problem goes away. Its also gonna require me to move forward which goes against the idea of staying still.

I also need to consider the fact I'm likely to be out numbered and possibly facing a warp lightning cannon and doomwheel. So what should I take out first. Do I go for the warmachices first knowing that they could inflict a lot of damage and deal with the troops up close or do I shoot the troops to bits and hope to break the core of the army and force it to run away. Both can't be achieved so it has to be one first then the other. Shooting the skaven and making them run seems like a good idea given their generally low leadership but a few lucky rolls with that warp lightning cannon and bye bye dwarfs by the handful.

On the upside I hall superior leadership meaning I shouldn't run in most cases. I should hit quite a bit with shooting and the dwarfs handguns give me a bit of an advantage. I also have some pretty good core troops and plenty or warmachines to pick from. And when upgraded with runes can become even more potent. So maybe things don't look as bad as they seem when you consider what the dwarves have in their favour.

All I can say for certain is that it will be a close game and it will be interesting to see what happens when the dice start rolling (and hopefully the skaven start running).

Well thats all for my little thought post. Thanks for reading and please feel free to comment.


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