The Fall of Corian IV - Information and Mission 1- First Landing

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Today and for the next 9 days I will be posting the missions which I wrote for a campiagn called The Fall of Corian IV. The missions themselves have unfortunately not been played by myself or Zebulon so I can't say that they will be 100% balenced. As for fairness that isn't guarenteed either as the mission were written with an attcking force trying to regain a planet and so certain advantages and disadvantages were added in. Hopefully they will play well enough. They are designed to be played in sequence though  I'm sure they would work fine as stand alone missions. Carry on reading to find Introduction and Mission 1 - First Landing.

Campaign Introduction

From the first mission onwards the attacker refers to the player/s who are playing as the forces who are trying to recapture Corian IV.

The defender refers to the player/s who are playing the forces who have captured the planet.

In any missions from Battle Missions assume that the attacker will be taking on the role of the race to which the mission belongs and the defender will be taking on the role of the enemy. If this is not the case then it will be stated next to the mission been played.

Set up any mission as per the deployment and setup rules for that mission found in the appropriate rulebook unless specified differently in the mission special rules section of the mission been played.

Missions taken from Battle Missions will played exactly as described in the Battle Missions book unless otherwise stated under the mission special rules that have been written here.

Some of the missions that are presented here are missions taken from the rule books or based upon those in the rule books. However some of them may have been altered by special rules that have been added here. These special rules may unbalance the games slightly and may seem to favour the attacker or defender. However the special rules have been written to reflect what is happening in the campaign at that stage. So when the attacker is able to gain the Relentless USR for the whole army in the following missions it represents the attacking force moving on with great efficiency and quickly moving towards the final goal. If you are playing through these missions or just playing them as a standalone game then it is perfectly fine to drop the special rules or to change them as required.

For each mission there will be a number of points assigned. Keep a record of who wins each battle as this will determine the victor at the end of the campaign.

Mission 1- First Landing                      Worth – 2 Victory Points
Planetstrike Mission

1000 per side

Secure a drop zone for the landing of the heavy support elements of the army (tanks, etc). To do this you must capture the large landing pad in the area for yourself. This is the only place in the area that it is safe to land the heavy support elements so it is vital that it is captured.

Mission Special Rules

First Landing – This is the first stage in taking back the planet. However the attacker currently has no place on the planet in which to land the heavy support elements of the army. The attacker is not allowed to use any form of tank, artillery or walkers. An exception to this rule are walkers that may be deployed via deep strike or any other special rule in which case these may be taken as normal.

The Landing Pad – The landing pad is vital. The attacker will only count as holding the objective if they have 3 scoring units on/in base to base contact with the landing pad. 1 or 2 scoring units will count as contested resulting in a draw and 0 scoring units will count as a loss.

Surprise Attack – The attack is a complete surprise to the defenders as they have received no warning and as a consequence have had little time to add any additional defences. The defender may only have up to 24” of defence lines and is not allowed any other fortifications although ruined buildings and such are allowed.

Mission Outcomes

Attacker wins – The attacker will be allowed to select tanks, artillery and walkers as normal from this game onwards.

Draw – The attacker will be allowed 1 tank option in the following game. It is assumed they managed to land 1 tank before having to withdraw or been driven off. Walkers may still be used as described in the mission special rule ‘First Landing.

Defender wins - The attacker will not be allowed to use tanks or artillery in the second mission but may do so from mission 3 onwards. Walkers may still be used as described in the mission special rule ‘First Landing’.

As always thanks for reading and please feel free to leave any comments.

Updated 7/3/2011

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