Going Full Circle....Or Should That Be Ring Shaped....

Well, it was about 8 years ago that myself and Blackmane found our way into the world of war-gaming through a magazine known as Battle-games in Middle Earth, yes dear folks I am talking about the Lord of the Rings.

With all the building hype around Peter Jackson's upcoming Hobbit movies, I found myself listening to (in my opinion) one of the most epic soundtrack to ever be written. So versatile, delicate and mysterious to a full feeling of heroism then to the depths of dark corruption, no wonder Howard Shore is one of my two favourite composers (the other being Hans Zimmer). But I digress, this is a war-gaming blog, not an album review!

Listening to that music inspired me to dig out my LotR collection and see what's what. I sifted through the masses and filtered out my favourite army, the forces of Isenguard, sadly all but 5 of my Uruks had either broken swords or pikes (they had stupidly been kept in bags of years...) and on a wave of nostalgia of battles won and lost, I've decided to build up my Isenguard force into a fully capable War of the Ring army. The first model ready for war is this Uruk-hai captain, whilst not the most detailed model, to me it represents the Uruks perfectly, simple brutality. Simply clad, not flashy or ornate, but still given an aura of power and menace.

Whilst not the most impressive start to the rebuild, its was a good warm up to painting the legions of the white hand which will be on their way next week, along with some dirty little Clanrats! Stepping away from the 41st Millennium will be a nice change, and working through the two styles will give me some nice variety in  techniques, which can only lead to some improvement!

Well that's all for now!


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