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The Fall of Corian IV: Mission 7 - The Second Line

Hi all

Today I bring the seventh mission for the Fall of Corian IV campaign.

As always thankyou for reading and comments are most welcome.


 Read on for Mission 7

Mission 7 – The Second Line                             Worth - 4 Victory Points

Trench Warfare (Battle Missions). The defender takes the role of the Imperial Guard

2500 per side

The attacking forces have reached the second defence line. If they break through here there are no further defence lines between here and the main hive. All that could be done then is slow them down. Forcing them back would be almost impossible. However, if the attacking forces can be held here even for a day, then there would be time to try and organise what forces there are left into defensive positions. The objective is simple. Hold them for as long as possible.

Mission Outcomes

Attacker Wins – The second defence line has fallen to the hammer blow that has been directed against it. From here it’s on towards the main hive where the source of the planets downfall and corruption will be found. The attacking forces are now more determined than ever with victory now in sights. Spurred on by the victory here all units in the attacking forces will have the Fleet USR in the next game. All units will have the Relentless USR in Mission 9 each time a D6 roll of a 6 is rolled at the beginning of the attacking players turn. This is rolled for the entire army, not unit by unit.

Defender Wins – The defender has managed to hold out just long enough before retreating to allow the remaining defending forces behind the front line to prepare a final defence line just outside the hive and lay as many traps etc to delay the attacking forces. For missions 8 and 9 the defending player may re-cycle any troop units that are completely destroyed. They will arrive automatically at the beginning of the next turn exactly as they started with the exception that they will not arrive with a dedicated transport if they had one and any upgrade characters they had will not be back with them either. If any character with the independent character rule was with the squad when it was destroyed and not killed themselves, then they may remain in play if they pass a Ld test. If they pass then they will carry on as normal. If they fail then they are considered destroyed with the rest of the squad but will not return to the battle.
The defender will also gain the Stubborn USR for the whole force in missions 8 and 9.


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