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The Fall of Corian IV: Mission 3 - Outlying Town

Hi all

Today I bring the third mission for the Fall of Corian IV campaign.

Thanks for taking a look and as always comments are most welcome.


Read on for Mission 3

Mission 3 - Outlying Town                         Worth – 4 Victory Points

Special, Pitched Battle deployment

1500 per side

The town was located by scouts who had been sent to search the area surrounding the landing zone. From the report made by the scouts the town is a strong point in the area. The town must be taken from enemy hands so that they won’t cause problems later on. The scouts also report that the town could make a good place for a forward command post and could prove useful later on.

Mission Special Rules

Capture The Town – The attacker has to capture the town. To achieve this, the attacker must attempt to move as many models off the defenders board edge as possible. At the end of the game count how many models have left the board by the defenders board edge; casualties do not count towards this. If the number of attacking models that left the board by the defenders board edge is higher than the number of attacking models left on the board then the attacking force has won. It has broken through the defenders lines and is on the way to capturing the town. Any other result is a loss for the attackers. If the attacker manages to kill every defending model on the table before the game ends then it is an automatic win and the outcome described in the mission outcomes.

Mission Outcomes

Attacker Wins (More models left the table) – Play mission 4 as normal.

Attacker Wins (Killed all defending models) – Play mission 4 with the following modifier – The game length will be 6 turns instead of 7. This represents the defenders having less time to retreat as the town has been lost so quickly and so the retreat is less ordered than it would have been.

Defender Wins – After defending the town, the order is given to fall back and draw the enemy into a trap. Play mission 4 as stated but with the modifier in the mission special rules.


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