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Skaven Army Project Log: Stormvermin Front And Centre

Hey all,  just a quick post on my Skaven Stormvermin, haven't had much chance to build them yet, as work seems to be getting in the way a bit at the minuet, but today I managed to get the Fangleader, Musician and Banner Bearer built, and found the only suitable position to fit Queek in as I am learning the hard way that you need to build everything so that it fits together with the rest of the unit, true, I knew this before building the squad, but I never fully realised how difficult and frustrating it is to get it right, and make the unit look dynamic, for example the Fangleader was completely hidden behind the banner when I had it arranged originally, which diminished the impact of his stance, but anyway, that's sort of resolved now.

The full 20 man (or should that be rat?) unit will be built by the end of tomorrow, just in time for the arrival of my Clanrats... Also, it is worth noting that the current banner is only temporary as I intend to make on out of green stuff that acts as a Dwarf-Hide banner, which will be interchangeable with the current banner, god bless pinning...

Well that's all for now as I wade though the Stormvermin Box, more to be done later!



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Start Collecting Skitarii Review

Hey all, today I'm giving my little review on the new Start Collecting Skitarii box. Firstly for a GW price of  £50 ($85) these are exceptional value, in this box set the Dunewalker is £40, Rangers/Vanguard £23.50 and the Dominus £22. Even at £50, that's a £35.50 saving. If you're like me and bought it from an online store ( Goblin Gaming for me, 20% discount and £3.90 postage, just under 50% off standalone retail price)

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Hi all

Its been a while since anything new was posted on SotA which I think has been due to both myself and Zebulon having a little break from doing anything major. I've been tinkering with a few bits and pieces for the last few weeks and now find myself ready to get back into the swing of things.

So first up are the buildings from the Imperial Sector box. I was lucky enough to find this box in my local store at the old price of about £52 rather than the new £70 price. I hadn't intended to buy it but I knew I'd regret not buying it. It took me a couple of weeks to assemble the buildings which was slow by my standards (due to the decreased nature of hobby activities).

So lets get on with the pictures.

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We have 2 weeks from today to complete the model in anyway we see fit and then we will put it up as a poll to see who the victor is! 
On a slightly related note, myself and Blackmane have both moved house in the last couple of months each gaining a hobby room/studio. This explains our lack of posts recently and should allow us both increased content for our little blog which we hope you will enjoy going forward.
Paint brushes at the ready..... GO!!