Skaven Army Project Log: Stormvermin Arrival

Hey all,
well today I picked up the first unit for my Skaven army whilst I was in Sheffield, the menacing Stormvermin (which is strange since I wanted Clanrats). These will be the bodyguard for Queek, as he gives them +1 WS and +1 Strength for 4pts, at that cost it seems a fair deal, plus I really like the look of the minis, which is just as important to me!

This also has brought me to the conclusion to go with a Clan Mors themed army, not only will Queek fit in, but their fluff also intrigues me as it is Clan Mors who has control of the City of Pillars (aka Karak Eight-Peaks), and antagonising dwarfs is my main objective with this army, to represent that, they are going to be granted a Dwarf-Hide banner, giving them hatred of Dwarfs, and Dwarfs hatred of Skaven, perfect for drawing them in!

Tomorrow, I'm going to assemble the unit and get it sprayed. The Horned Rat will be pleased!


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