The Fall of Corian IV: Mission 10 - In the Balance and Campaign Outcome

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Today I bring the tenth and last of the Fall of Corian IV campaign missions. Also included at the end are the campaign outcomes. All the missions have been added to the scenario's page for ease of finding. I hope you've all enjoyed the missions I've posted and hopefully some of you may even play them.

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Read on for Mission 10 and Outcomes.

Mission 10 – In the Balance.                                        Worth – 5 Victory Points


The final battle line has been drawn. Not far from the main hive the attacking forces and the defending forces have met face to face to decide who has rule of the world. Whichever side wins here will gain an advantage over the other that could decide the eventual fate of the world. See to it that your side gains the advantage.

Mission Special Rules
Strategic Assets – Each player will be allowed to choose 3 strategic assets. Should there be more than 1 player on each side then as stated in the Apocalypse rulebook each strategic asset may only be chosen once. If a formation grants a strategic asset that has been chosen then it may be taken again and can be used by the player to whom the formation belongs.

Spoils of War – In the previous mission the objectives had numbers underneath. For each number the player will gain an equivalent number of stratagem points that can be used to buy stratagems from the Planetstrike book. The only difference been that players may select stratagems from both the attacker and defender stratagems listed. Army Specific stratagems may not be selected. Each Stratagem may only be selected once.

Mission Outcomes.

Attacker Wins - The attacker gains 5 points towards victory.

Defender Wins – The defender gains 5 points towards victory.

Campaign Outcome

Add up the amount of victory points gained from each mission you have won and consult the table below.

Campaign Major Victory
8 or more victory points than opponent

Campaign Minor Victory
4-7 more victory points than opponent

Campaign Draw
0-3 more or less victory points than opponent

Campaign Minor Loss
4-7 victory points less than opponent

Campaign Major Loss
8 or more victory points less than opponent

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