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The Fall of Corian IV: Mission 2 - Full Scale Invasion

Hi all

Today I bring the second mission for the Fall of Corian IV campaign.

As always comments are most welcome and thankyou for reading.


Read on for Mission 2.

Mission 2 – Full Scale Invasion                Worth – 2 Victory Points

Planetstrike Mission

1500 per side

Not far from the landing pad is a small bunker. Although it is only small it acts as the relay point for the planetary defence network in this area. Capturing or destroying the bunker will disable the network in this area and could disrupt the connections across the planet allowing a full scale invasion to begin with little to no risk to troop deployment at the drop zone.

Mission Special Rules

Well Defended - Despite its small size the bunker is well defended. The defender gains an extra 2 stratagem points plus the usual allowance.

Swift Strike – The attacker has struck swiftly and could capture the bunker before an effective defence can be mounted. To represent this should the attacker have 2 or more scoring units inside/in base-to-base contact with the bunker (this includes one inside and the other out) then the attacking player may attempt to end the game early. After both players have finished their turns, but before starting the next game turn, the attacker may make choose to end the game early. The attacker roles 2D6, if the result of the 2D6+the current turn number totals 11 or more then the game has ended. Work out the victor as normal for a planetstrike game.

No Drop Zone (If the attacker lost game 1) – Because the attacker failed to secure a landing zone in the first mission their tanks, artillery and other equipment hasn’t yet been deployed on the planet. The use of tanks and artillery is not permitted. Walkers may still be used if they have an alternate means of deployment e.g., via drop pod, webway etc. If they can’t be deployed in this way then their use is not permitted.

Mission Outcomes

Attacker Wins – The defence replays have been destroyed. The orbital defence system will play no further part in the campaign.

Defender Wins – Until the end of Mission 5 the Defender will be able to use the orbital defences to attack the attackers on the planet below. The Defender will be allowed to make one orbital strike at the beginning of missions 3, 4 and 5 once both sides have deployed but after any pre-game moves (infiltrate, scout, etc). The orbital bombardment use’s a defence laser with the following profile:

Defence Laser – S8, AP2, Large Blast, Pinning
The Defence Laser is subject to scatter but instead of scattering 2D6” it will scatter 3D6” to represent the inaccuracy of a shot fired from orbit.


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