The Fall of Corian IV: Mission 6 - Keep Them Running

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Today I bring the sixth mission for the Fall of Corian IV campaign.

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Read on for Mission 6

Mission 6 – Keep them Running                   Worth – 3 Victory Points

Mission Type
Implacable Advance (Battle Missions) The attacker will take the role of the Necrons.

2500 points per side.

The attacker has made the first defence line fall back. Now is the time to really apply the pressure and keep on their tails. The commander of the attacking forces has decided to push his forces right up to the next defence line and secure supply lines as they go. The attacker must capture as much ground as possible and attempt to press on into the new enemy front line before night fall if possible.

Mission Outcomes

Attacker Wins (2-1 objectives or 2-0 objectives) - The attacking force has managed to capture a considerable amount of land and force the enemy back a bit faster than before. The next game will have the night fight rules in effect for turns 5, 6 and 7(if 6 and 7 are played). This represents the enemy falling back quickly but not quickly enough for the attacking forces to reach the new enemy front line before night fall.

Attacker Wins (3-0 objectives) – The attacking force has smashed any remaining resistance aside and gained all the land between here and the new enemy front line. So quick was the retreat that the attacking force has managed to reach the new front line while it’s still daytime. The night fight rules will not take effect. In addition the enemy force has been caught off guard. The enemy must place heavy support options in reserve in the next game.

Defender Wins (2-1 objectives or 2-0 objectives) – the defenders have managed to hold up the attacking force just long enough to force them to fight on into the night in order to engage the next defence line. The defender may choose the whether to have the night fight rules in effect from turn 4 onwards or turn 5 onwards.

Defender Wins (3-0 objectives) – the defender has held up the attacking force for such a long time that the attack has stalled. It will most likely resume in the next day or two but it will allow the defenders to prepare their defences better. The defender will be allowed to deploy tanks from the beginning of the next games rather than having to keep them in reserve. However dedicated transports must still be held in reserve along with its unit.

Draw – Play the next mission as normal with none of the above modifiers.

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