I Find Your Lack of Courage........Disturbing

 Hi all

Today I have some pictures of the newest memeber of the Tarnhelm 3rd. I decided that another commissar wouldn't go amiss in my army so I headed down to my local GW and got this guy.
Overall i am very happy with how he's turned out. I think my favourite part is the great big metal powerfist. You really don't want to mess with him (or disturb his reading). I'll come up with a backstory for him at some point. I think he'll be the senior but widely hated commissar of the regiment. I've decided the other two I have are of the opinion that its better to get the men to do things through positive actions and encouraging words, the gaunt/cain approach as I would call it. This guy is gonna be the complete opposite.

On a very suprising and pleasing note I recieved a comment on the first of the Fall of Corian IV campaign missions. James S and his friend over at Warp Signal, click here, are going to be using the missions for their own campaign. I will be keeping an eye on how it goes as it will be good to see it been played. I encourage you all to have a look and keep an eye on the campaign as it goes. They're calling their campaign the Invasion of St. Arkham. We'll be adding a link on the blog asap.

Well thats all for now. As always comments are most welcome and thankyou very much for reading and please do check out Warp Signal.


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