The Fall of Corian IV: Mission 5 - The Allies Show Themselves

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Today I bring the fifth mission for the Fall of Corian IV campaign.

I'd also like to say that I'm looking forward to Zebulon getting back into the Lord of The Rings game again (see post below this one). It'll be good to play it again seen as we haven't played The Lord of the Rings for about 4+ years.

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Read on for Mission 5

Mission 5 – The Allies Show Themselves         Worth – 3 Victory Points

Prepared Assault (Battle Missions). The attacker takes on the role of the Imperial Guard.

1500 per side

After the town was captured, some of the attacking forces were sent to pursue the fleeing defenders. There have only been a few to return so far. The presence of forces other than the traitor guardsmen has been reported by those who have returned though how accurate this is, is unclear at best. However a camp was sighted 10 miles west of the town from low orbit. Scouts were dispatched to the area but haven’t been seen since. A strike force is been assembled and sent out to see what’s there and secure it.

Set up as shown in Battle Missions. Set up ruins, buildings, etc around the two objectives placed on the board at the beginning to represent the defenders camp.

Mission Outcomes

Attacker Wins – They have managed to capture the enemy camp forcing them to abandon it. It has also caused the main enemy line to fall back across the entire region because of the hole now in it.  To try and capitalise on this the attacker’s forces will all gain an additional 200 points in the next mission.

Defender wins – They may have lost and had to fall back to the next line of defence but are far from beaten. The next defence line is even tougher than the first and the defender will dig in and hold on for as long as it takes. The defender will gain an additional 250 points in mission 7.

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