Skaven Army Project Log: Stormvermin Assemble!

Hey all,
today I bring pictures of my assembled Stormvermin. This is actually a very straightforward kit to assemble as there are only two main body stances to assemble, however, getting them to fit in a unit proved rather difficult, not only are there the halberds to contend with but also tails, bits of cloth, elbows etc etc, but having said that they do make for a rather individual unit and I wouldn't have them any other way...

First up is the first rank, including a Fangleader, Musician and Standard bearer, this was the most problematic row as they need to be able to contain Queek when needs be, which means they need to fit with the rest of the unit in two different arrangements, however I've found that just removing the 'vermin on the far left works just as well, opposed to fitting Queek in the middle, as I had him in the earlier pictures (

The rest of the unit comprised of ranks 2,3 and 4 respectively, all armed with halberds and hand weapons. These ranks were successively easier to build as I had a template of sorts to work from, when it came to fitting them together, which is I'm sure the same for any other Warhammer troop unit. The only problem I can see with this unit is that fact that for my first game of 1000pts, I've sunk 1/4 of the points into this unit alone, add in Queek and I'm looking at 500+pts on 2 units. Hmm....thats why I've gone for the opposite in my next unit.

I have ordered some Clanrats from, this will help bulk out my force with some dirt cheap expendable units, whilst Queek and his guard can cut a swathe through the enemy...

Well thats all for today, as per always, criticisms and comments are always welcome :D


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