The Fall of Corian IV: Mission 4 - Flee the Town and Fall Back

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Today I bring the fourth Fall of Corian IV campaign mission.

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Read on for Mission 4

Mission 4 – Flee the Town and Fall Back               Worth – 5 Victory Points

Type: Special, deployment as stated below.

Attacker objective: The enemy commander is leaving the town. He could have information that could prove useful. It would be a blow to the enemy is he was captured. The attacker must capture the enemy’s commander. The defender must prevent this.

Defender objective (if defender won last mission): The attacker has fallen for the trap and is pursuing the retreating forces, obviously intending to try and capture the commander. The commander must not be captured. However this opportunity is not to be wasted. Destroy as much of the attacking force as possible.

The board should be set up as follows.  (Based on a 6’x4’ board)
The defenders forces should deploy in a box 48” wide x 18” deep against a short table edge.
The attacking forces deploy along the long table edges in deployment zones 12” deep x 54” long. This should run from the opposite short table edge to the edge of the defenders deployment zone.


Attacker won mission 3 – Attacker 1500
                                         Defender 1000

Defender won mission 3 – Attacker 1500
                                          Defender 1500 +1000 ambush force

Mission Special Rules
Ambush Force (If defender won mission 3) – The defender has led the attackers into a carefully planned ambush. To represent this, the defender gains an additional 1000 points to spend. These don’t have to be from the same army as the force that you’ve been using so far though they can be if you wish. The ambush force is treated as a separate force with the exception that the only compulsory choice is 1 HQ. When the ambush force enters play split it into roughly equal halves. One will enter from each long table edge. Each half will arrive at the beginning of turn 3 and may act normally.

Capture the Leader – (In effect regardless of whom won mission 3) – The attacker is intent upon capturing the enemy commander in the hopes he’ll provide useful information. Should the commander lose his last wound then leave the model in its place. From this point he will count as unconscious. He can’t move on his own and may perform no other actions. He can be moved if a squad has at least a model in base contact with him (they are assumed to be carrying him).
He can be captured in the following two ways:

1.    If the attacker moves a model/s into base contact with the commander, who must not be with a squad including his command squadHE  . If this happens they have taken the commander prisoner and he will move at the same speed as the squad. If they can then move him off any board edge they have captured him.
2.    If by the end of the game there are more attacking models within 6” of the commander than there are defenders then the commander is also captured and it’s assumed that the outnumbered defenders are simply slaughtered.

Should the commander leave the table by the short board edge opposite the defenders deployment zone and not with an enemy model, then the defender has managed to get the commander to safety and has won the game.

Mission Outcomes

Attacker Wins: They have captured the commander and will now set about extracting information. The attacker gets to roll on the table below before each mission. Roll a D6 and consult the table.

1.    Nothing - The prisoner has been tortured too much and is near death. No information is gained this time. Should this result be rolled again at any point the prisoner will die and the attacker will gain no more advantages.
2.    Deployment Strategies - The prisoner gives you information to disrupt troop deployment. You may choose one of the defenders units to be placed in reserve. It will deploy as per the reserves rules*.
3.    Misinformation – The information given to you is wrong. Your opponent may place one of your units in reserve. It will deploy as per the reserve rules*.
4.    Disrupt Communications - The prisoner tells you how to disrupt the vox network for a brief period. Once per game you may disrupt communications. This stops Imperial Guard officers from issuing orders and models may not use the LD of HQ’s nearby for any kind of LD test. It can be activated at the beginning of your opponents turn and takes effect immediately. The effects will last until the beginning of your opponents next turn.
5.    He Lied – The prisoner has given you wrong information on purpose. Your opponent may place 3 of your units in reserve. They will arrive as per the reserve rules*.
6.    Vital Information – The prisoner gave you information that could prove most useful and make all the difference. You gain an extra 250 points for army selection to make sure that the advantage is not wasted. In addition you may roll twice on the table next turn although you can choose not to. Note – rolling 2 6’s on the next turn does not give you 500 points and 4 rolls the turn after. Two 6 results can never be applied. Instead, should a second 6 be rolled you may re-roll it, if this is also a 6 you are not allowed to re-roll it again this turn  and apply the 6 result as normal.

*Any mission where you already have to keep units in reserve will work as follows. The units chosen to be placed in reserve will only be allowed to arrive form turn 3 onwards rather than turn 2 like other units.

Defender Wins: The defender has succeeded in getting the commander to safety and in doing so have stopped the enemy from getting a source of information. They have also succeeded in drawing a significant amount of the attacker’s forces away from the main battle areas. For the next two games the attacker will have 250 points less than they would normally be allowed.

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